Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero Award is for anyone from Drumheller, Alberta, Canada or anywhere in the world. The idea is to recognize individuals who contribute so much in volunteer work and who may not be otherwise publicly recognized. Unfortunately, all their dedication might fall through the cracks when it comes to being shown appreciation for their efforts. This is where the Unsung Hero Award comes in.

Periodically, and based on input by the public, the club acknowledges someone who goes above and beyond in volunteer work but who may not be otherwise publicly recognized. For the fifth time, the award has been presented.  Ken Smith was most surprised to learn he was chosen for this prestigious award.  The award is open to anyone, anywhere. The club welcomes suggestions on who the recipients should be.

If you know of someone you think is worthy of the Unsung Hero Award, please submit a letter to
the Rotary Club of Drumheller at Box 1331, Drumheller, Alberta, T0J0Y0t